Excavation of Mare aux Songes, Mauritius
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Almost all Dodo bones in the world’s museums were found at this site.

The Dodo
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Many spectacular island terrestrial vertebrates have disappeared over the past few centuries – a minutia in terms of geological time – yet the pitiful epitaphs of these vanished species comprise frequently just a few bones and a handful of inadequate historical accounts. Prior to the discovery of sufficient skeletal material, Strickland & Melville in 1848 [...]

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The Seychelles comprise five main volcanic islands situated north of Madagascar in the south-west Indian Ocean.

Comoros Archipelago
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The Comoros Archipelago comprises four main volcanic islands situated between Mozambique and Madagascar at the north end of the Mozambique Channel.

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This trip centered on Pterosaur research in Beijing and I managed to get time off to see some sites.

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