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    • Dodo cover artwork from Lost Land of the DodoLost Land of the Dodo

      Original front cover painting from ‘Lost Land of the Dodo’ published in 2008 by Anthony Cheke and Julian Hume. Acrylic on handmade paper. Painting measures 50 x 30 cm. Signed in pencil lower right. The painting shows a dodo overlooking Le Morne Mountain from Chamarel, southwest Mauritius, and the arrival of Dutch ships in the …

    • MuralsRodrigues Mural Commission

      Example shows a 3 x 2 metre scene housed at the Francois Leguat Museum, Rodrigues. Please Contact me for prices and information.     Go back

    • Original artwork from Extinct BirdsExtinct Birds cover art

      Front Cover Artwork Guns blaze at a vast flock of Passenger Pigeons Ectopistes migratorius. Based on an ingraving in The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, July 3, 1875. £2000.00 – Please Contact me to order.   Go back

    • Sculptures

      Sculptures can be supplied life-size or as busts, and always produced scientifically correct. Please Contact me for prices and information.     Go back

    • Stippled Ink Illustrations

      Each illustration is finished on high-quality A4 paper. Please contact me for availability. Each image costs £95.00 plus £6.00 special delivery and insurance.           List of Illustrations King Island Emu Dromaius ater Giant Elephant Bird  Aepyornis maximus North Island Giant Moa Dinornis novaezelandiae nesting Heavy- footed Moa Pachyornis elephantopus New Caledonian …

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