October 2001

Mountain view from SilhouetteLa DigueThe Seychelles comprise five main volcanic islands situated north of Madagascar in the south-west Indian Ocean. The largest island and central in the group is Mahé with tiny Aride Island to the north, the most easterly are Praslin and La Digue, with Silhouette and North Island to the west. If it is true paradise you are looking for then these are the islands to visit.

Fossil discovery on SilhouetteLa Digue is where many exotic adverts and films are made and the beauty of this island is exceptional. I surveyed all islands for fossils (honest) and found the first bird remains in a marsh on North Island and giant tortoise remains in a cave on Silhouette; the first for the archipelago. The choice places to visit are the haunting Coco der Mer palm forest, Silhouette Island for mountain views, Aride for the seabirds, Seychelles Magpie Robins Copsychus sechellarum pecking around your feet, and Seychelles skinks Mabuya sp. scurrying all over your legs. La Digue of course, for the whitest sand, most turquoise sea and the most graceful coconut palms overhanging the shore. Add giant brown granite boulders and the picture is complete.

More photos from this expedition.

The first fossil discoverySilhouette from North Island

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